вторник, 28 сентября 2010 г.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The one thing that many women around the world have in common is breast cancer. Did you know that 1 out of 7 women are effected. Unfortunately, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women and is the second leading cause of cancer death among women.

That is to large of a number.It affects so many of our Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Aunts, Friends and so on.

It is a beautiful cause to help these ladies get the resources to fight this cancer that has taken control of their lives.

But there is some who do not have the resources or education to help themselves before it is to late. Please join us in the fight to find the cure. All of the proceeds of this collab will be going to the Susan G. Komen race for the cure. 

и моя страничка из этого замечательного и на столь благородное дело созданного

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